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Speeches given by Mr.Bandaranaike on Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

A speech on A Re-statement of our policies

In the last year, the country was faced with two serious troubles. The growing communal tension between Sinhalese and Tamils exploded into widespread disorder towards the end of last May, which necessitated the declaration of a State of Emergency. The situation was brought under con­trol fairly quickly, and the deplorable happenings during this time may at least have produced one good result. It would have served to remind everyone, even extremists, of the grave results of carrying communal differences too far. I do not think that there is likely to be a recurrence of such happenings in the future.

In the field of labour, continuing strikes which proved so damaging to the country's economy, culminated on the 3rd of March last year in the attempt to call a General Strike for one day on the issue of the Public Security (Amend­ment) Act. This attempt proved a failure and many workers, both in the public sector as well as the private sector, refused to participate in it and carried on their work. This proves that workers today are beginning to think for themselves and are increasingly refusing to be dictated to against their own wishes.

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